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What is Mike Hale Enterprises?

Who is Mike Hale?

Mike Hale hails from the small town of Nelson, British Columbia. Mike was told like everyone to do good in school, go to University and to get a good job. 

Jobs Mike has held include:

Paper Boy

Stock boy and Meat clerk - Safeway

Backshop / Maintenance / Proshop Staff - Local Golf Course

Gas Station Attendant

Lawn Aerator


Tax Auditor 

Mike also holds CPA and CMA designations

What is Mike doing now?

Mike quickly learned the 9-5 route wasn't for him. Mike didn't enjoy working for someone else. Mike now helps others break free from the social norm by creating online businesses that allow them to travel the world and live the true Laptop Lifestyle. 

Mike is passionate about increasing people's Freedom Multiplier: WHAT you do, WHEN you do it, WHERE you do it and with WHOM you do it with. He has full control over his Freedom and wants to help others do the same.

Why Enterprises?

I don't like the word company. It reminds me too much of the rat race in the past life. Dictionary.com defines "enterprise" as "boldness or readiness in undertaking; adventurous spirit; ingenuity." Businessdictionary.com defines it as "Entrepreneurial activity, especially when accompanied by iniative and resourcefullness."  I quit my job and dove head first into starting up my own online business. Let me provide the tools, resources, and guidance needed to help you do the same and live a better life.

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